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Lose 10 Pounds In 30 Days

Lose 10 pounds in 30 days

Losing 10 kg in a month remains a real challenge, but not impossible. How to effectively slim down? It is quite possible to lose weight gradually, reviewing your diet and adopting a program of serious sports activities to burn more calories. Of course, it is advisable to consult the advice of a doctor before beginning any weight loss program.

Prepare your plan of attack

Starting a weight loss program is not just a physical job. It is above all an enormous mental task to prepare for all the changes to be made. Plan what you intend to undertake concretely during the 30 days that follow. To make it easier, take a notebook and note which foods you prefer, those to consume in moderation, and those that you will have to leave aside for a while. Also note on the notebook a typical day including your schedule during the duration of the slimming diet. Do not hesitate to mention the number of kilos to lose and the weight you want to reach per week.

Review your diet

It is sometimes enough to change your eating habits to slim down. How to lose weight effectively? Start by changing your old habits: you tend not to skip breakfast, due to lack of time or just out of habit? Get up early and prepare your canopy the day before. Make sure your breakfast is full to recharge your batteries and avoid nibbling.

Example of breakfast: Tea or herbal tea without sugar (count 250 ml and not more) + 55 g bread or bread spread with butter, light cheese or margarine + 1 yogurt 0% sugar or 100 g White cheese or 40 g salmon / Ham + 150 g strawberries or 1 kiwi.

Do not hesitate to consult a slimming program book to compose your menus at 1200 kcal.

Get Rid of bad habits

Concentrate on your small weaknesses: you tend to ruin yourself on sweets or snack very salty in the middle of the day? Note on your diary everything you need to remove during the diet: chips, biscuit, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, very sweetened drinks such as coca or soda ... You can replace chips and biscuits with fresh fruit or 3 to 4 spreads Cheese or with a little jam. The drinks will be replaced with mineral water or herbal teas without sugar.

At lunch and dinner, the idea is to eat balanced by making sure you are well satisfied. Be sure to eat lean milk, protein (meat, fish, eggs ...) at any meal, raw or steamed vegetables, and some limited fat in the form of cream, oil or butter. Everything is decided on the number of calories: count 1200 kcal in 24 hours. At the same time, avoid over-salting your meals and drink at least 1.5 L in 24 hours, during your diet slimming.

How to lose weight with sports

The inactivity remains the best companion of the superfluous pounds. To lose weight fast, move! Begin by using your car as little as possible and take advantage of all the possibilities to physically exercise yourself: walk at least 30 minutes every 24 hours, stairs, household chores ... Also practice a weekly sporting activity including at least 3 times: swimming, fitness, Jogging ... Do not hesitate to call on a coach specializing in slimming disciplines to coach you!


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