Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Chrono Diet Plan : Does It Really Work?

Chrono Diet Plan

The chrono-Diet Plan is not an umpteenth regime to lose weight. It is rather a rebalancing of food, a way of eating that helps to stay (or become again) slim by following a few rules ... which somewhat upset our habits. No food outlawed, but hours of meal to be respected.

The chrono-Diet Plan, invented by the doctor Alain Delabos * in 1986, is a different way of eating which takes into account our biological clock. Because today, our ultra-pressed lifestyles push us to eat on the go, a little anytime and a lot no matter how. The Chrono Diet Plan tries to set the record straight.

The chrono-Diet Plan principle

Chrono Diet Plan To develop his method, Dr. Delabos assumed that foods are not assimilated in the same way according to the time they are consumed. Depending on the time of day, foods will be used more or less well by the body: either they are transformed into energy, or they are stored and are likely to result in weight gain over the long term.

We know for example that the fats and sugars consumed in the evening will be stored while they are an important source of energy when they are consumed in the morning. Hence the need, as Dr. Chauchard **, specialist in Geno-Chrono Diet Plan, to "consume cheese in the morning and not in the evening, is too fat."

In other words, if one wants to lose weight, one must adapt one's diet according to the metabolic variations of the body throughout the day.

Chrono Diet Plan: The morphotype

The morphotype corresponds to our physical characteristics (silhouette rather in the form of an hourglass, pyramid ...) that result not only from genetics, but also from our eating habits and physical activity. The Chrono Diet Plan takes into account the morphotype of each one in order to better help us understand how our organism works and why we tend to store more than others.

Chrono Diet Plan in practice

In practice, it is simply a matter of listening to the needs of our organization to give it what it needs at the right time. For example, on awakening, our body needs fuel to recharge its batteries: sugars, fats and proteins are needed. But in the evening, it is better not to overload him by giving him foods easy to digest and avoid sugary and fatty foods, which, concretely, do not serve him anything. For more information, see our article "Chrono Diet Plan: a typical day".

Food Prohibited In Chrono Diet Plan

With Chrono Diet Plan, no food is forbidden, since what counts is consuming the right food groups (proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals) at the right time.

The Chrono Diet Plan Allow 2 Jokers Per Week ...

On his website, Dr. Delabos explains that twice a week, one can afford a meal that does not follow the rules of Chrono Diet Plan. For when one is well in his head, one is well on his plate. But be careful, no more times a week and not the same day!


Dark chocolate is known for its antioxidant properties and its richness in magnesium. And good news, it is more than recommended in chrono diet plan. It is an excellent source of energy that allows us to finish the day without making any difference. Care is taken to consume it black (70% minimum) and not to exceed 30 g per day.

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