Sunday, February 12, 2017

All the good reasons to have a good breakfast


Upon awakening, our body has fasted for 10 to 12 hours and needs to recharge as the nutrient intake of the day before is exhausted. - The first meal of the day, the breakfast must cover the quarter (25%) of the daily nutritional intakes of energy (carbohydrates and lipids) and essential elements to the organism (proteins, vitamins and minerals). A real breakfast ensures a balanced distribution of food throughout the day and helps to improve attention and efficiency in the late morning.

Fostering parent-child relationships

First meal of the day, breakfast is important in the psychological balance of the child.- It constitutes a privileged moment of interaction between the child and his family, and thus appears as essential to the regulation of the affective life And emotional development of the child. Indeed, when the dialogue takes place at the beginning of the day in a convivial atmosphere when the child receives answers to his questions, it leaves peaceful towards the school and its day will be better. This is all the more so since lunch is most often taken outside the family home.

Control your weight

Breakfast is the perfect time to balance your daily diet with ease. Indeed, lunch is often taken away from home, so it is not always easy to master the composition of the meal. - An important meal at dinner increases the risk of weight gain because the body makes more Easily reserves in the evening. Moreover, by having breakfast in the morning, small cravings, those that incite to nibble anything, anywhere (often at the expense of the line) disappear. Rich in complex carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, and low in fat and calories, Ready-to-Eat Cereals is also an excellent choice for breakfast as part of a diet.

Cover one-quarter of the daily dietary intake

Do you know that despite our plentiful food situation, deficits in vitamins and minerals are still common in our population? Breakfast is the perfect way to balance your daily diet with a daily diet to ensure adequate nutrients (proteins, vitamins and minerals) in the morning. A balanced breakfast should cover one quarter of the daily energy needed


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