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Dissociated Diet : How to Lose Weight

Dissociated Diet

People have been using dissociated diet for over 30 years. Dozens of books have been written, research carried out on this regime and proved its effectiveness over time. At the same time, nutritionists continue to recommend it to those who are trying to lose weight, nevertheless they also bring some criticism.

The dissociated diet is one of the most famous diets in the world. It is widely used for weight loss, its basic rule is the separation between different types of food.

The principles of the dissociated diet is quite simple. Each category of food is consumed separately, the categories of nutrients do not add up, so there can be weight gain. In conclusion, the amount of food does not matter, as long as we do not mix carbohydrates, proteins and lipids at the same meal. The diet is based on a simple rule: consume a single category on a single meal. In dissociated diet there are some foods that are completely excluded, such as pasta, any type of bread and sweets, and fat intake is limited to two spoonfuls of vegetable oil daily.

The dissociated diet is considered a fast diet, because the results appear after two or three days. One of the biggest drawbacks is the fact that at the end of the diet there could be a recovery if we do not opt for a healthy and balanced food hygiene as well as the practice of a regular sporting activity. During a dissociated diet the feeling of hunger is not present, because it has no restrictions in terms of amount of food. However it is recommended not to exceed 2000 calories per day.

The differentiated diet can be monitored over a period of four weeks to three months. It may be that during the diet your body will no longer lose weight over a short time do not worry this is normal, you get to a plateau that only your own metabolism knows. N not stop the diet because the weight loss will resume and extend. One of the great benefits of this diet plan is that it can be easily adapted and customized to suit your lifestyle. Other info the protein diet derives from the dissociated diet.

In the first week of this diet, you will notice that the weight loss is higher. However, in order to avoid the yo-yo effect, the diet must be maintained at least two weeks. The program of this diet recommends the consumption of a single category of food throughout a single day. One can opt for a more varied combinations on a day by eating at each meal a different food class however the result is not as effective. For example: dairy products at breakfast, lunch of meat and vegetables at dinner.

The weekly diet recommends this combination:

Monday - meat (chicken, turkey, no fish)

Tuesday - vegetables (except potatoes) in any quantity, prepared in a healthy manner, free of fats and a minimum of added salt, with balsamic vinegar (no lemon juice) and herbs

Wednesday - low-fat dairy products

Thursday - fruit only

Friday - only fish

Saturday and Sunday - eggs and dairy products

Among the disadvantages of the diet we can add some nutritional deficiencies that can occur, especially if the diet is maintained for a longer period of time. There may also appear some problems with intestinal transit, because the body can not digest the food normally, due to lack of fiber.

This problem can be solved by drinking plenty of water. At least two liters of water per day are required. Vegetable or fruit juices and sweetened beverages are not allowed. Despite its advantages and disadvantages, the dissociated diet is one of the most famous diets used in the world, which could prove its effectiveness

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