Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Best Foods That Will Flatten Your Belly and Get A Flat Stomach

To erase the small belly that weighs our silhouette before the key test of the jersey, it is necessary to associate diet and sessions of abdominals. But not all diets are suitable for hunting fat on the stomach.

The fat settles on the abdomen for various reasons: most often at menopause for hormonal reasons, after a pregnancy ... or in case of stress! Suffice to say that we are many to want to track the dimples on our belly!

In the first case, menopause, nutritional errors do not forgive anything: excess calories, excess of sugars, it is the somersault assured! In the second case, after baby, the excess caloric is not always involved but the belly and soft and relaxed and often water retention does not help. In the latter case, almost everyone, stress, compulsive nibbling are often involved and it is precisely they who, through a sudden increase in blood glucose, will promote the storage of fat on the stomach.

Tips from the  Nutritionists: we replace the coffee, companion of the stress and therefore nibbles, by herbal teas that we prepare ourselves. And we add to our menus proteins, which make it possible to fight against the retention of water and bring a sense of satiety. These are the ones that will help us lose the bulges that weigh our silhouette in the belly.

To lose belly fat, the secret is to start by removing starchy foods and eating less sweet at breakfast. The continental breakfast, based on jam and fruit juice that creates insulin peaks and increases the storage of fat, must give way before the formula in English, but lightened in lipids anyway!

As soon as you wake up, you have to load your body with proteins: a hull or scrambled egg or a slice of smoked salmon, or two slices of chicken breast (no ham or cheese, both too salty), or a white cheese. It is combined with whole vegetable proteins, cereals All Bran or Swedish cakes rich in fiber, coated with a thin layer of unsalted butter.

Most of the formula: the intake of proteins induces a feeling of satiety that will last all the morning and the restriction of salt triggers the diuresis. Only fruit juice allowed in the morning, a squeezed lemon (without sugar) in a glass of water on waking to boost the digestive system. Or a lemon-maple syrup smoothie, which will boost your energy while detoxifying your body.

Energy and flat stomach: prepare your homemade smoothies

Flat stomach: at lunch one bet on the vegetable proteins

At lunch, vegetable proteins are used, with two slices of wholemeal bread or five tablespoons of whole or basmati rice, quinoa or legumes (lentils, dried beans, split peas or chicks ...), accompanied by A half-plate of green vegetables sprinkled with a tablespoon of soybean oil or squash. Avoid foods that swell like raw vegetables or cabbage

For dessert, a fruit, to chew gently to take the time to chew it. One day out of three, vegetable proteins are alternated with animal proteins (170g of fresh fish, 150g of white meat, 130g of lean red meat).

Most of the formula: Pulses contain a lot of fiber, essential to fight against lazy transit in a diet that favors proteins, and have a low glycemic index, which avoids insulin spikes and therefore cravings

Flat belly: at dinner we forget fruit and starches

The rule, not to store the evening fat on the stomach and on the buttocks, is to avoid all starchy and fruit at dinner. It is also important to dine as early as possible so as not to go to bed just out of the table and get enough sleep. Because it is medically proven that people who do not sleep enough produce more ghrelin (hormone that stimulates appetite and promotes fat storage) than others and much less leptin (hormone of satiety). You have trouble falling asleep? Discover our natural tricks to get back to sleep.

The ideal evening menu consists of half a plate of green vegetables, sprinkled with a tablespoon of rapeseed oil or olive oil and 90 g of lean meat or fish, A dessert made with natural yogurts or non-flavored white cheese.

Most of the formula: animal proteins in the evening promote lypolysis by allowing the body to draw from its reserves. To lose more quickly its roundness, it is essential, in the evening as with other meals, to limit the salt which increases the appetite and promotes the retention of water


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