Tuesday, March 14, 2017

How to Lose Weight With Orange Diet ?

Lose Weight With Orange-Diet

According to statistics, every day more than 30,000 women seek tips to lose weight and regain fitness to be beautiful and attractive. And they all want to find a unique way that is easy and quick to get rid of those extra pounds. 

The orange diet one of the easiest to lose a lot of woman managed to get satisfactory results. The principle of this diet is simple to the extreme, you need to consume 1 pound of oranges per day which will feed your body with vitamins. Of course, all fruits are good for the body, but oranges will help you lose weight. For a long time nutritionists recommend this orange diet as a quick and affordable way.

The recipe is simple limit the amount of harmful products, divide the food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The choice of food is to your own taste, the only thing to be vigilant is to limit your intake of sugar, flour, fat and fried foods. The only obstacle you may encounter during this diet is a citrus allergy, in which case the diet is contraindicated, because oranges should not be consumed at this amount.

This diet will last almost three weeks, in which one can easily lose weight and have a beautiful silhouette slender and attractive. The diet in the first and second week consists of no less than one kilogram of oranges, hard boiled eggs and 2 liters of water. Water can be drinking water or mineral water drink water, but not aerated. 

The most difficult thing to deal with at this stage: abstain from favorite foods, such as chocolate, Macdo, snack, etc. In the second week of orange diet we can add cereals that will calm your hunger. Nutritionists recommend buckwheat because it detoxifies the body and eliminates harmful substances.

The third and final week - the last step on the road to success, you can add fruit or vegetables to salad.

After three weeks you can admire yourself in the mirror, but do not resume your bad habits, because the results are always harder to reach than losing them. Depending on the type of metabolism with the orange diet you can lose up to 6 pounds, a medical consultation is recommended before starting the diet.


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